II. The Photographic Archive of Lina Rae Pearson

Series A. At Work and Play

Lina Rae documented much of her time spent with Francis, as well as their partnerships with the brothers Bill and Warren Vernon. Her photographs serve as the only visual documentation of this fruitful time for all of them, in which scientific discoveries were made, new works of art were born, and groundbreaking ideas were published. These pictures only scratch the surface of the talent hidden within this isolated crew bound by eccentricity, but they give us great insight into the dynamic at play between friends. The majority of Lina Rae's film during this time was used on her more experimental abstract images with Francis, so these few clear shots are the only time capsule we have of this moment as it existed in our own three dimensions.

Bill Vernon at work with safety goggles on
His brother, Warren Vernon, smoking his signature pipe
Bill and Warren dig out Francis after he plants himself
Francis and Lina Rae try to hit a pinata, Francis without any blindfold
Lina Rae's borrowed country home
Shack that Lina Rae built in her yard for Francis
Lina Rae's writing desk
Bill tests a new helmet design
Francis' signature icon on an overdue library card, next to Bill and Lina Rae's mugs
A small corner of Bill's home laboratory
Bill packs up his tools and lab coat before embarking on a lecture tour
Francis relaxes on the chaise lounge in Warren's study
The HEX1 Cycloptical Field Regenerator powered on and running all night long, experimental drugs and controller in foreground
Francis' planned speech (a blank page) taped to the pulpit for his sermon
Francis buries himself again
Francis buried, awaiting the shovels
Bill's suitcase, waiting to be packed
Bill at home, reading Probable Science magazine
Bill and Francis with friends, sitting outside, where Bill says he does his best thinking
Francis on the roof
Bill in deep concentration
Bill visualizing while on one of his walks around town
Francis' set design replication of Bill's desk, as seen in Prologue to a Cyclops