II. The Photographic Archive of Lina Rae Pearson

Series B. Vision Production

Lina Rae didn't just play an integral role in pushing Francis to pursue art as a means of expressing his unique vision. She also informed which mediums he worked in and had access to, and helped him to translate his abstraction to the physical world. She meticulously documented this process, but because she finds the photographs of their collaboration deeply personal, she has limited the display of these photographs. Here are a select few of the two at work, many of them mysteriously taken during the time period when Francis was supposedly working alone, but Lina Rae's presence is felt both in his work from that time, and in these photographs.

Lina Rae and Francis play with collaborative illuminated vision creation
Francis paints with branch hands in his downtown studio
Francis with abundant art supplies provided by Ivy, his gallery representative
Despite Francis being alone throughout this phase, Lina Rae captured photographs by spiritual proxy
Francis grew tired of working in solitude
Francis stands dissatisfied with a paper approximation of his visualization
Visions pile up in the corner of Lina Rae's home
Lina Rae introduces Francis to the concept of bubbles
Unpopular and unsuccessful vision made by Lina Rae and Francis as a gift to the church, funded by the collection plate
Lina Rae's Canoli camera with Cycloptical lens, used to capture and create multidimensional photographic visions