II. The Photographic Archive of Lina Rae Pearson

Series C. Lost and Found

This series collects photographs that Lina Rae only recently discovered. A few were taken by others and given to her, namely the original Polaroids shot for the local newspaper for various stories relating to Francis, who quickly became a minor celebrity in its pages. The rest were taken by her and lost amidst packed-up supplies and props, only to be recently dusted off for exhibition.

Taken for the Ducan Daily Globe by G. White
Witness with red apple beret and bug-like car gives testimony after the capture of the cyclops
Taken for the Ducan Daily Globe by G. White
Lina Rae at the baptism of Francis
Taken for the Ducan Daily Globe by G. White
For an article on Bill Vernon's plans to integrate Francis into society
Taken for the Ducan Daily Globe by G. White
Stand-still parade in celebration of the capture of Francis the cyclops
Francis in his leaf suit, back in his natural habitat
Francis stands with his arboreal friends and family
The local priest, known for his electric guitar gospel
The priest discusses holy visions with Francis outside, while Francis stares at his own vision
Francis' baptism by icy cold river
A member of the congregation looks on
Bill checks his coordinates to determine the correct grave site of Francis' parents
Model hired by Ivy to pose for Francis' next wave of visions
Taken by a publishing intern with Lina Rae's camera
Lina Rae in the kitchen of her publisher's office
Once a year, people in Ducan wear eye patches in support of multi-dimensional vision
Taken on a tripod with self-timer
Lina Rae, Bill, Francis and their team fail on the first attempt to launch a balloon vision into the sky
Props from Francis' film, in which Lina Rae plays a delivery girl (as seen in Prologue to a Cyclops)
Lina Rae's favorite frame of super-8 film excised from a shot not used in Prologue to a Cyclops
Animated set decoration in Francis' bedroom, as seen in Prologue to a Cyclops
The aisle in the bookstore Francis was walking down when he first heard Lina Rae's voice in person
The living room of a friend of Warren's, where Francis had his first unsuccessful date
Francis in his room at Bill and Warren's house