The Francis Collection
Selected items from the Pearson Vernon Estate

Collection One . Cyclopticals

Lina Rae Pearson and the brothers William and Warren Vernon have generously donated early items pertaining to the study of Francis and his one-eyed vision to the Foundation for Multidimensional Vision, to which each one serves as a board member. This collection is dedicated mainly to the instruments and accessories devised to help bridge the gap between Francis' one-eyed vision and ours, commonly referred to as Cyclopticals.

Collection Two . The Estates

Other important household items from the combined estates of Lina Rae Pearson and The Brothers Vernon were left behind when they eventually vacated. These objects were marked by Francis' unique presence during a brief but eventful period of time. The homes now hold new tenants, but they are different homes entirely without these markers left behind by a few pioneering individuals. This collection stands as a testament to the wide array of influential materials accumulated by visionaries coming into their own as thinkers and creators.

Collection Three . Early Visions

Francis has made several attempts to show people how our world appears through his eye, but he was always frustrated by the limitations of the dimensional bounds of the mediums he worked in. None of the materials he used could appropriately convey the indescribably greater vision. Still, he continued to try, pushing the boundaries of each method until he moved on to the next. We have collected some of the more interesting early works that resulted from his failed attempts. Though he judged these "visions" as failures, they are highly valued today.

Collection Four . Printed Materials

Francis made waves wherever he went, for better or worse, and the reactions to his quiet yet eccentric personality may best be understood by the words printed about him as he unwittingly planted seeds of ideas across the world. From books and magazines to posters and charts, much ink has been spent in various attempts to make sense of what his vision could mean to us. This is a small sampling of such materials, and includes some additional documents dedicated to Bill Vernon and his personal relationship with Francis.


This is just a brief overview of the collection. You may visit the archive in person to locate other items of interest, by appointment only. The Foundation for Multidimensional Vision is located in the Town of Ducan. You can't miss it. It's located on the only road through town, in between the Museum of Bread (another Ducan claim to fame) and the bakery. The building is known for its prism-like appearance, resulting in magnificent rainbow-sighting opportunities. The architects gave it multidimensional properties as well, so there are parts to the building we cannot see without the aid of the tools within.

fig. a - Earliest known photograph of Francis as a child, photographer unknown.