The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cycloptical


Cycloptical Model "P" Multi

The Prismatic remains the most iconic of the Cycloptical models made public. It has been featured in the pages of the most prominent magazines and newspapers, from a modest debut in Probable Science to the throne of Innovation of the Year in the Ducan Daily Revue. Time Magazine called it, "Complicated" and "Preposterously expensive," buzzwords that helped propel it into at least five-hundred consumer homes across the world.

Only manufactured for two years in limited quantity, the Prismatic is now one of the most sought-after collector items of the past century. Marketed as the first consumer Cycloptical viewfinder, many were intrigued by a device that promised "to bring radical alternative methods of thought and vision to all aspects of daily life." Proponents argued that use of the Prismatic could lead to new innovations in every arena, leading to new breakthroughs in modern living.

An alternate "Business-P" model was also made, targeting high-level businessmen who could use it to innovate the products they created, or methods to sell them. It was painted slightly different colors, but researchers who picked it apart have been unable to ascertain what exactly caused its properties to differ from the "Classic-P." Nevertheless, the Business Prismatic was sold at five times the price and is even rarer to come by today. The Vernon-Pearson Estate does not have one in its own collection.