The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cyclopticals

The Styroscope

Prototype "12x12" Gold & Foil

The Styroscope is a prototype for a Cycloptical lens that Bill Vernon found too expensive to produce. After months of attempting to obtain funding, Lina Rae Pearson took it upon herself to fashion a makeshift model based on his sketches. She used a styrofoam core, with a lens lifted from a rangefinder's viewfinder, wrapped with foil tape for transmission, and spayprainted gold for aesthetics.

Bill was touched by the gift, and at one point even fitted the styrofoam model with electronics that rendered it somewhat usable if paired with his patented Fourcore Helmet. He never did build the actual model, but this prototype remained at the front of his shelves as a reminder of his friendship with Lina Rae Pearson and their dedication to a shared vision.