The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cyclopticals

The Francis X

Original Mold for First of Ten Iterations

This Cycloptical model utilizes a split diffraction method with sub-miniature fulcrum between the eye and non-eye of Francis, helping with the balance and equilibrium troubles that plagued much of Bill Vernon's early attempts to bridge his inter-dimensional vision gap.

The markings under the eye opening allowed Bill to quickly make adjustments to any connected electronics based on Francis' rapid-eye-movement. This is the first Cycloptical piece to use the form function of a face mask. Fitted with sensors along the interior, it reads every facial movement and feeds them into a data stream.

The X is the most advanced model to attempt to allow Francis to see our visible world, but shortly after its creation he became preoccupied with reversing the process. And so, the X-2 through the X-10 would attempt to allow us to see into Francis' world through the same mold.