The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cyclopticals

The Envisor

Originally named "The SuperVisor"

First designed as an early model to allow Francis to see properly, Bill eventually sold The Envisor to an international company keen on distributing a device that would not just allow the user to see extra-dimensional media, but also to distinguish themselves with a hip look. Bill personally found the Envisor bulky. His goal was to make a lighter unit that would resemble a small invisible floating glass suspended just to the side of the user's eye, and he eventually made it.

The company changed Bill's initial name of "SuperVisor" to "Envisor," but despite this marketing strategy, the product failed, and the company went bankrupt. Bill managed to hold on to the patent for his own preffered "floating glass" design, only to sell it later for entirely different purposes (and a far greater sum) than he'd initially intended.