The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cyclopticals

The Focaline

A.K.A. The Great Red Dot

Converted from an old film lens for Cycloptical use and later converted back for film use by Lina Rae Pearson, The Great Red Dot is known officially as the Focaline. It is one of the most widely recognized of Cycloptical lenses, as it was the one Francis made public appearances with. The lens itself was only mediocre in its success at bridging the gap between Francis' vision and ours, but its makeshift nature and bright appearance exuded optimism and hope for all.

Though the original paint job is now chipped and worn, there is no mistaking the boldness of this lens. Now a part of the Smithsonian Collection, which keeps a replica on display next to the men's restroom, the iconic design, painted by Lina Rae Pearson, has been reappropriated in fashion numerous times and remains an instantly recognizable symbol the of pioneering and forward-thinking visionaries.