The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cyclopticals

The Arborscope

Converted Mechanical Lens to Organic Scope

The last of the few Cyclopticals converted from old mechanical lenses, The Arborscope was named for Francis' connection to the trees he considered to be his only friends and family, as he grew up in the woods alone among them.

A counterpart to The Animatic, the lens attempted to show Francis our view of the flora in the wild.

When Francis saw the results through the lens, he didn't like what he saw. Bill could not determine whether this was an empirical or emotional response, but before long found himself studying wildlife more than he ever thought he would, as he reverse-engineered the lens so he could try to see exactly what Francis would ramble on about for hours and hours.

This lens, like most early Cyclopticals, is restrained by the limitations of its mechanical housing (which Bill would later break beyond). Regardless, Bill claims that the right person can train to use it to see extra-dimensional flora quite vividly. Lina Rae still keeps a copy of this lens, which she uses as inspiration for her watercolors. A few copies have been obtained by highly regarded artists and used similarly.