The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cyclopticals

The Mini-Prismatic

Cardboard Housing with "Magic" Crystal Interior

An anomaly among fellow Cycloptical lenses, this model sports one of the cheapest constructions combined with the most expensive inner-workings. Like the Multiscope, the details of its functionality remain a mystery. It was built to be a compact, single-barrel version of the original Prismatic, but Bill got carried away while densely packing the interior with a myriad of minute circuitry.

The lens provides one of the broadest and deepest views of contact points between multiple dimensions, but the focus is so narrow, it is impossible for an untrained viewer to get oriented. It is said that with extensive practice, this seemingly flimsy lens can provide greater views than almost any other. Bill Vernon insists that a key component to using it correctly is calibrating the eye with the small bit of tape with green arrows on it. The arrows are taken from the beginning of a Scotch tape roll, and installed with precision between the inner and outer layers of the lens (see image no. 1).