The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cyclopticals

Disposable Cyclopticals

Paper Construction for Gallery and Museum Use

As Francis began to show his "vision" artworks in galleries and museums around the world, curators struggled to find a way to meet Francis' requirement that they provide a way for people to experience his creations through his own eye. Teams of researches and workers were hired to study Bill's Cycloptical lens work with Francis and come up with a cost-effective, mass-manufactured unit through which visitors could experience a very basic kind of multidimensional vision.

A wide variety of these were made for various shows, and though they are fairly ineffective for actually seeing through our dimensions, they remain desirable for their uniqueness. No two units provide the same view, so one's experience of the show would depend on luck of the draw.

Some galleries kept the factory white paper design, while other opted to decorate theirs with colors that suited the boldness of Francis' vision artworks.