The Francis Collection

Collection One . Cyclopticals

3-D Glasses

Disposable Fake Cycloptical

These glasses are not actually Cycloptical at all, and yet they were briefly sold and marketed under the name in order to gain more widespread recognition for the "brand." They utilize the common "color anaglyph" system, which does not provide vision into alternate dimensions, but merely tricks the visual cortex of the brain into seeing a three-dimensional composition from one integrated stereoscopic image.

The film studio Cyclorama planned a rollout of twelve films to be seen in "Cyclops-o-Scope," designed to compete with other 3-D films of the era, and to capitalize on the recent popularity of Francis after the success of the book, Revise Your Vision. Unfortunately, the films were made improperly, so watching them through the glasses did little more than tint them and make them blurry. Francis actually enjoyed this, but audiences did not. The company went bankrupt after three films.

To this day, Bill Vernon regrets licesning his name to these. He has done his best to buy and destroy any of these left in existence, of which there are very few because they were typically disposed of after use, and nobody really went to go see the films anyway.