The Francis Collection

Collection Two . The Estate

Traffic Signal

Red and White Metal on Wood, Made in Germany

A traffic signal of German design that mysteriously ended up in the Town of Ducan. Nobody knows how or why it ended up out of the hands of the town crossing guard and eventually into the laboratory of Bill Vernon. Nor can anyone say why exactly the town had a crossing guard when there was only one road in town. However, this piece may play one of the most important roles in Francis' own history.

The crossing guard had initially protested the Cyclops Capture Day Parade, as it would block the only road in town. The event was then changed into a "stand-still parade," held in a nearby field. Though the guard should have been on duty during the celebration, photographs reveal him holding the banner in the rear of the parade. Speculation remains that the crossing guard was planted at the Cyclops Capture Day Parade by Bill Vernon to aid in the escape of Francis. Close inspection shows that the man holding the traffic signal in the rear might have been the guard's twin brother, a decoy, while the real crossing guard crouched behind Francis to help free him from his handcuffs.

Perhaps the stand-still parade itself was part of Bill and the crossing guard's grand ploy to break Francis free? It would only be fitting, as the stand-still parade is now held every year in his very honor.