The Francis Collection

Collection Two . The Estate

Film Reels

Super-8mm Film Roles (Exposed & Processed)
Color and B&W

Lina Rae holds all of the film shot by her and Francis, numbering over two-hundred reels, all of which are now preserved and maintained as part of this permanent archival collection. They filmed at such a frequent pace, there was no time to make extensive notes or labels detailing the contents of each reel. Instead, they were hastily numbered with pen on white tape, affixed to the end of the spool. Roughly half are in color, and half in black-and-white. According to Francis, both appeared quite vibrant to him, and when he and Lina Rae shot the silent short film that would become Prologue to a Cyclops, he chose black-and-white because he felt the "colors" he saw in it matched Lina Rae's hue at the time of filming.

Lina Rae plans to compile more of their footage in the future, but for now, Prologue to a Cyclops is the only assembled film from these reels. She has, however, excised some of her favorite frames from their more experimental shots, and included them in part of her photo archive.