The Francis Collection

Collection Two . The Estate

Leaf Suit

Suit made of leaves, sticks, dirt, fabric

In the midst of a troubled childhood, Francis ran away from home to live in the woods on his own, where he'd always felt most at home. He identified with the trees, and considered himself one of them. Over time, he began to attach leaves and sticks from the woods to a suit that he had taken from his attic when he left. Initially, the suit was too big for him. By the time he grew into it, the suit was fully camouflaged in leaves.

When Francis returned to society, he put the leaf suit away, but he never got rid of it. Once he started creating his vision artworks and releasing them into the wild, he took to wearing it again. The leaf suit is much more tattered now than it was in his youth, but it is preserved in its present condition as part of this collection. It has been suggested that the suit underneath belonged to Francis' father, and that he took it with him so he could use his multi-dimensional vision to look at it and find his way back home if he needed. However, Francis never reunited with his parents in this universe.