The Francis Collection

Collection Four . Printed Materials

Revise Your Vision

Non-Fiction, Self-Help Book

After the huge success of her book Revise Your Voice, Lina Rae Pearson's publisher strongly encouraged her to write a follow-up right away. But by this point, Lina Rae had motivated herself to write her own imagined stories, partly because of the positive reception of her first book, but also because of the newfound collaborative partner she found in Francis. So she wasn't initially that interested in writing another self-help book, as she felt she had given all she had to offer in that arena. However, she realized that she could not live in her borrowed country home for long, and would need to find a stable income. On top of this, her lack of real-world experience made her a less than savvy bargainer when it came to the first book deal, so she had made almost no money off the huge success of Revise Your Voice.

When Francis was being rehabilitated for his addiction to placebos, Lina Rae found herself with more time to herself, and she began to seriously consider the prospect of writing another book so she wouldn't have to give up her independence and her new life. At the same time, Bill Vernon had made great unexpected discoveries in the photographs and artwork that Francis and Lina Rae had been creating together. In their collaborative work, he had found many concrete connections between our three-dimensional world and Francis' multi-dimensional world. Knowing that he could not reach a mass audience himself with this information, he came to Lina Rae with a proposition: He would help her write her second book, and they would make it about Francis and his vision, but disguising it as a self-help book about how seeing into other universes and dimensions can lead to a better life for everyone.

Lina Rae was reluctant, but knowing Francis would love to have his vision understood by a world that never understood him, she agreed. The two wrote Revise Your Vision in just one week. Audiences around the world loved it, and experts debated the realities of other-dimensional living while new companies sprung up overnight with "Cycloptical-inspired" technologies to facilitate this newly desired lifestyle. William Vernon is credited as a co-author on this book, but as Lina Rae Pearson's name sold more books, his name appeared quite small beneath hers on the cover, and so many fans still think that she is the sole author of the book.