The Francis Collection

Collection Four . Printed Materials

Revise Your World

Non-Fiction, Self-Help Book

The third, and so far the final book in the "Revise" series, Revise Your World is credited as being co-written by Lina Rae Pearson, William Vernon, and Francis. They felt like much of the ideas and the world-view they introduced in the previous book was being misunderstood, and each of them felt like they had made creative and technical advancements since then. Lina Rae helped write this while she was already hard at work writing a series of imaginary fairy tales based on the ones she invented as a child. She was also editing a film with Francis, which would eventually become Prologue to a Cyclops. Since this period, she has maintained this rapidly creative pace.

The book was the biggest success yet, and the first to truly break the divide between the self-help following and into both creative and scientific fields. It is an anomaly of a book that can be used to forward almost any cause, depending on the hands in which it is placed. It is an all-encompassing book aimed solely at expanding the mind in as many ways as possible.