The Francis Collection

Collection Four . Printed Materials

Probable Science

Monthly Scientific Publication

A specialized magazine dedicated to the world of theoretical science, the magazine remains one of the few willing to publish theories and concepts that have yet to be proven either due to lack of interest and funding, or lack of concrete methods to prove them. In the case of Bill Vernon and his quest to see multiple dimensions and universes through Cyclopticals, he was dealing with both.

Bill had always been an avid reader of the magazine, and became one of its most prolific contributors. He frequently sent them his latest discoveries, though they were usually so abstract and hastily written, even this journal of unusual science had trouble keeping up with him. Nevertheless, they remained encouraging and supportive. And when Bill finally had his breakthrough with Lina Rae Pearson in publishing Revise Your Vision, they were right there with the first cover story on Francis (seen here). Many mainstream magazines would follow suit in the wake of his popularity in the art world and science world, but Probable Science has the distinction of being at the forefront of discovery.