The Francis Collection

Collection Four . Printed Materials

Sensational Bulletin

Weekly Tabloid of Suspect Reputation

The Sensational Bulletin delivers the sensational and little in the way of truth or fact-checking. With stories that range from the obscure to the unbelievable, usually the front page is reserved for the tale involving the most violence or sex. But occasionally, something more mythological appears, such as the discovery of a mummy, or in this case, the appearance of a modern-day cyclops.

Warren Vernon loved to read these instead of the dry psychology journals he was sent, and he frequently left them lying around the house. This particular issue had been used as a wedge underneath a side table to level it. While his brother Bill was sitting with a glass of whiskey and reading Probable Science, he noticed the headline sticking out from the table, and picked it up. The story, of course, told of Francis, though his name was not known at that point. Bill needed to verify himself that the story was partly true, since the tabloid could not be trusted and it suggested that the cyclops had the ability to freeze people with his stare.

But because of this article, Bill went out in search of the one-eyed man who saw visions of another world that we don't see, and he came back with Francis.