The Francis Collection

Collection Four . Printed Materials

Wanted Sign

Seeking Elusive One-Eyed Man

This is the wanted sign made and printed by Bill Vernon to attract the attention of the rumored cyclops lurking on the outskirts of the woods around the Town of Ducan. He and his intern spent a week nailing them to trees all over the countryside. Though the cyclops was perceived as a threat according to local folklore, Bill was certain he had an innocent, misunderstood man on his hands who needed his help. His illustration was based on the Sensational Bulletin article's description, which surmised that he now looked bearded and scraggly, smoked wild tobacco, and still wore the ill-fitting suit and glasses he had on when he was last seen in town as a child. In reality, Francis never wore glasses, had no beard, and had long ago traded in his childhood clothing for a suit of leaves.