The Francis Collection

Collection Three . Early Vision Artworks

Vision Installations

Public Artworks, Various Locations Worldwide

Perhaps the body of work Francis is most known for, his Vision Installations took the world by storm around the publishing of the book "Revise Your World," which detailed the impact his wild vision of our world could have on the future. Frustrated by his inability to convey what he saw using the limited mediums of film, photography, painting, and drawing, he ventured to create large-scale sculptures and installations that might better give off the aura of other-dimensionality.

He felt good about his new creations, but felt disillusioned by the same crowd that continually came to see his work, which was locked up and confined within the walls of galleries and museums. So he bought (actually stole) back whatever he could, and from that point on released all of his Vision Installations into the wild, creating new ones at a rapid pace, and driving them to far-out locales with the help of Lina Rae.

Their work attracted a mass following, and the works themselves began to tour the world, with no one really sure who was moving them around. Fans and supporters of these otherworldly visions simply pass them along from one place to the next, never quite sure where they will end up next. Francis absolved himself of ownership of any of these creations, but wherever one is spotted, you can be sure to find a Francis symbol planted somewhere nearby, signifying his connection to them.