The Francis Collection

Collection Three . Early Vision Artworks


Ink-jet on Paper

While visiting the offices of the publishers of "Revise Your Vision," Francis became preoccupied with the massive printers at the office and the pages that emerged from them full of text and bright cover images. Bill Vernon and Lina Rae Pearson let him use a printer back at home soon thereafter, but Francis wasn't interested in just printing duplicates of images that already existed. Instead, he was fascinated with the test patterns of the printer, as well as the abstract prints that came out of it when the ink was low. He would print sheet after sheet, looking into each as if it were a world unto itself.

Bill managed to permanently damage one of the printers so that it would only produce these low-ink prints, and Francis would try printing different things to see what would come out, selecting only the best himself and discarding the rest.