The "Vernotype" Personality Profile Tapes

A Quick Warning

About What You Are About To Hear

Warren Vernon, the notorious renegade psychologist, regularly recorded his daily thoughts onto cassette with a voice-operated recorder (VOR) given to him by his brother Bill as a present when he dropped out of college. He called his character observations "Vernotypes," and was meticulous about dissecting everyone he met. But he had trouble operating the recorder, often recording over himself on the same side of a tape for months, resulting in a collage of half-baked musings. "Vernotypes" never caught on, but we have uncovered and edited these early recordings from the period of time in which he studied Francis the cyclops and his companions.

The Tapes

Of Francis, Lina Rae Pearson, and Bill Vernon

Researchers have noted that most of Warren's character profiles reveal more about himself. His study of Lina Rae Pearson, for example relates more to his preoccupation with his own study of Francis than with her. In another tape, he called his sense of self-importance one of his "more positive traits."

From what we can tell, Warren put these particular recordings to tape just shortly after his exile to and arrival in Antarctica, following his run-ins with the law in several international territories. He sounds contemplative, cold, and alone. Despite their relative lack of insight, they are the only recordings we have detailing a very fruitful period for Francis, Lina Rae, Bill, and even Warren.

Warren Vernon

Still Relevant Despite His Irrelevance

Warren Vernon at work

Warren Vernon, infamous among his fellow psychologist colleagues for the unproven, radical and sometimes psychotropic methods he favors, spent time with Francis the cyclops for a short time while living with his brother, the experimental scientist Bill Vernon. Bill had just begun his own multidimensional vision theory studies on Francis when Warren quickly became fascinated with the confusion and shame Francis attached to his single eye. Warren honed in on Bill's subject, hoping to relieve Francis of the mental source of his visions, trying everything from hypnosis to drug experimentation. He then abandoned the study mid-process when yet another investigation by the board of the Freewheelin' Psychologist's Association caught up with his practice and he fled for Antarctica, where he continues to work relatively undisturbed to this day. As Bill put it while on tour for the book Revise Your Vision, "I worked for years working just to find just the right subject. Then Warren swooped in, dismantled it, and left it in pieces for me to pick up, all in less than a year." The brothers have since made amends, though they rarely see each other due to Warren's professional extradition.

Cards from Warren Vernon's Rolodex, part of the permanent Francis Collection

Due to the nature of Warren's practice, of which he claims "business is booming," he has no time to help fill in the details on his archive or comment on past work. After attempting to contact him for months repeatedly about these edited recordings, he finally responded with a brief email that only said:

"I had great lava flow of ideas that erupted from that crazy speedball of a time with Bill, Francis and Lina Rae. As soon as I got to the motherland of Antarctica, I knew I needed to record these lighning bolts to get them out my head. But it was dark and hard to see, and I got very drunk for a while, and accidentally kept recording over the same tape. Then I sobered up and got busy with some serious work. Someday I'd like to return to those ghosts, but even if I did, I wouldn't be able to summon the same magic. What more can I offer you people? I'm just like a workhorse son-of-a-gun basketball coach, talking about how my team needs to play harder in the next half."